Motorcycling Gear and Accessories

Motorcycles are unlike any other type of vehicle because of
their design. They typically have two inline wheels which
make them inherently unstable. Aside from that, each type
of motorcycle aims to tackle a particular need or

Because of that, there are several accessories
that protect the rider and address the demands of his/her
bike. Below is a list of some of them.

1. Crash helmet

– this is by far the most important
accessory that any motorcyclist should have. Since the bike
is unstable, there are more chances of a fatal crash than
any other type of vehicle. For example, there are no
airbags to cushion the impact, not even a seat belt. A
crash helmet is the one which absorbs the impact to the
head in case of an accident. Riding without it could have
fatal consequences.

2. Gloves

– are essential to any rider.
For one, they help keep off cold from the hands when
driving in colder climates. Also, they are tough enough to
protect hands from abrasion in the event of a crash. And
there are specialized varieties that are designed to be

3. Boots

– more than just adding to a rider’s
cool factor, a pair of motorcycling boots protects the feet
of the rider in the event of a crash. That is why the boots
should be tough enough to protect the feet from abrasion
and impact.

4. Clothing

– motorcycle clothing of old used
to be made of tough leather which does well in protecting
the rider from abrasion during a crash. But more and more
riders now choose clothing that is made of synthetic
materials since they are breathable and addresses some
safety issues associated with riding motorcycles.

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